About PucAdmission.com

About XergY

The Parent Company of PucAdmission.com

XergY Business Excellence Pvt Ltd (XergY pronounced as X-ERGY) started in June 2017 as a Lean Six Sigma consulting company. Sensing the need to provide Quality knowledge & practical exposure to help professionals execute Lean Six Sigma project at their workplace, Training & Certification in Lean Six Sigma became the second vertical of XergY in Feb 2018. The IT team set up in Jan 2019 to develop some of the innovative solutions to solve complex problems & to meet the internal company requirement became the third vertical of the company. www.pucadmission.com is the first IT product of XergY Business Excellence Pvt Ltd. Today XergY has full fledge IT team developing innovative products both catering to the corporate world and also work towards solving some of the complex challenges with an intent to help the society at large.

About PucAdmission.com

Connecting Colleges and Students Together

The PucAdmission.com is a bridge between students and colleges in the admission process. The site is offering both the students and the colleges array of advantages to ease & fast-track the admission process.

The website designed & developed to help students in registering themselves, select the right college of their choice & submit their application to the colleges with all the necessary documents without hassles of reaching out to the college personally. Students can track their application forms status and make an informed decision. Students can also use the website to search for Government & Community hostels across Karnataka. With an intent to support the deserving students to know potential scholarships site has a list of scholarship providers which students can explore and get more details. The Bank Loans listed would help the students with possible loan options if need be.

The portal would act as a marketplace for colleges to display their courses, facilities provided in the colleges. Like the students, the website would be a great value add for the colleges as well. The college would be able to receive students application instantaneously & download them with just one click. PucAdmission.com would help colleges to increase their application as the website offers hassle-free submission of application form for students. Increase in application form would also mean an increase in choices of students. The site would help colleges receiving error-free applications in soft copy which would help colleges reduced their operational activities. Digital payment directly settled to the college bank accounts would mean the reduced burden of cash handling and accounting, by being part of the PUC Admission.com colleges can also attract students from different states and even potential international students. Free Analytics of the application received would be a great value add for colleges management to channelize their energies in the right directions to Accelerate their growth Accurately in the coming years.